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In 2004, following a decade-plus career in law and public policy, I began my photographic education. After a course of study with some of the industry´s leading commercial photographers in the D.C. area, formal classes at both the Smithsonian and Glen Echo Photoworks, and coursework at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshops, I began working as a photographer´s assistant in Maryland and Virginia. Through my formal education, work in commercial photography and my experiences as a parent of three young children, I bring a unique perspective on portrait photography to you, my clients.

‘Capturing the moment, freezing time’ — you can say it in a thousand ways; for me, that act of ‘capturing the moment’ is a profound method of reflection. We are all in constant change and growth, especially our children! As parents in this busy world, we easily get caught up in the intricacies of daily life. We inherently know our children are growing up and changing every day, however, it is not until we have a quiet moment to reflect on that change that we realize just what we failed to capture or document along the way.

Through my photography, I am able to capture each stage of my children´s lives, enabling me to hold close the memories of their youth. Being able to share that gift of reflection, of ‘moments forever stopped’, is a privilege I take seriously.

My approach is simple. I create an atmosphere in which your family can relax and be themselves. I leave plenty of time for children to be children. Having children of my own, I understand their unpredictable nature. While encouraging children to pose for a short time can work, allowing them to play and interact enables me to capture the exact moment you will treasure forever. Add to that a beautiful setting and the results are remarkable.

301.922.3446 | andrea@andreajosephphotography.com

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